Namreka Sanctuary Silent Retreat

Step into a sacred space of personal growth, connection and purpose. Relinquish the hustle and bustle of daily life to make space for mindful body awareness, meditation, holistic therapy, silent and spiritual retreat programs and self-healing workshops that help you nourish, love and care for your true self.

Dedicate your much deserved time to reflect on your life, purposes and values from our range mindfulness retreat programs and workshops. Slow down your pace to focus on the present moment and connect to your true being. Stillness lets you listen to the quiet inner voice that gives your life purpose and direction. 

Certified SHA Extra Plus Resort

We are pleased to announce that we are certified to be a SHA Extra Plus resort. This means over 70% of our staff have already achieved full vaccination status against COVID-19, this is in line with Thailand's SHA Extra Plus Certification. The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) recently certified that Thailand's SHA certification fully complies with the WTTC Safe Travel protocols.

Namreka Sanctuary Silent Retreat continues to maintain precautionary and sanitisation standards across the entire property inline with standards provided by both local health authorities and government requirements.

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Private Women Retreats

Your Spiritual Sanctuary 

Silent Retreat

Quiet down, listen to your breaths and experience the peace that is at the core of your being. Quieting the mind through dedicated periods of silence can provide a meaningful way to connect to your true nature. Silence will rise spontaneously within the space of silence. Let this silent retreat begins to ground the silence within you.

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Sacred Innocence Woman Retreat

Return to innocence. The return to Self. That innocent Self, which both predates and is beyond the layers of embedded stresses, beliefs and emotional scars we begin to accumulate from birth. Let these layers gradually fade and dissipate through awareness and movement. The continual deepening process will reveal more innocence, pure unbounded awareness and allowing the light that was always there to shine through.

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Reflect & Reconnect Retreat

Step away from the demands of daily life and focus on your well-being. Take time out to free your mind, reflect and reconnect with your true self deep within. Leave behind the external world and allow yourself to open through connection with your true self.

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