Transformative Inner Journeys

Holistic Therapy

Your Personalized Healing Experience

Namreka is a heavenly sanctuary inspired by nature, utilizing natural herbs, essential oils, flower essences, crystals, colours, breath movements and sound frequnecies to purify, balance and raise the awareness for the body to heal naturally. We strive to let our guests experience holistic wellness and achieve optimal wellbeing of body, mind and spirit. 

Private Retreats

Your Spiritual Sanctuary

Navigating Namreka Silent Retreat's offerings is a journey towards your true self. It is about an authentic journey of self discovery and personal renewal. We have crafted private retreat programs to help you to raise awareness, make shifts and circuit break current patterns of stress if you want to release stress, fatigue, burnout, past conditioning; detox from toxic environments; deal with loss and bereavement, work on relationship renewal, build self-esteem; restore emotional balance or move toward self-inquiry and discovery of your true essence.

Private Workshops

Your Inspiring & Personalized Workshops

Develop your gift to heal yourself and bring balance to your mind, body and spirit. Learn new ways to empower yourself; learn how to tune into your body and how your body is communicating. Tap into your body-mind and learn natural and mindful ways that can be used regularly in everyday situations to balance stress, clear blockages, discover inner truth, bring awareness, clarity, inner peace, well-being, connect with the soul and live more authentically.